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Antigua Guatemala: Wedding Venue

The Garden of
popularly known as CAPUCHINAS

In Guatemala, the perfect location for a Destination Wedding is Antigua Guatemala, but Why Antigua is a great Destination Wedding location? Because it´s wonderful, and has a little bit of everything. Antigua is recognized for its colonial architecture, Holy Week, beautiful surroundings, coffee, cobblestone streets, typical sweets, cultural activities, “alfombras” (sawdust carpets), Spanish schools, local and international cuisine, folklore and mysticism, jade, crafts, and much more.With everything it has to offer, Antigua Guatemala is the ideal location for destination weddings.

If you want to get married in Antigua Guatemala, hire a wedding coordinator or planner from the country. She will be knowledgeable about the local vendors, marriage procedures and destination facts that can simplify the planning process.

You have to choose someone who is easily accessible, with internet access, so you don’t have to call her long-distance all the time. A weeding coordinator can personalize your wedding and incorporate local traditions or customs, which can make destination weddings more memorable.

Wedding Planner in Antigua Guatemala
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