Antigua Guatemala: Capuchinas

Templo / Temple

Claustro / Cloister



The cloister and temple of
Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza,
popularly known as CAPUCHINAS

2a. Ave. Norte y 2a. Calle Oriente.  Antigua Guatemala.  Guatemala, Centroamérica.


Antigua Guatemala: Palacio del Ayuntamiento

Antigua Guatemala: Parque Central

"In 1541, the first streets and avenues of the new city were designed in accordance with "Law Recompilation for the Indies Kingdom", so all the streets and avenues had to start in a straight line from the central plaza, where the first buildings were located at that time. Today we can still observe the beauty of La Antigua Guatemala's Central Plaza. And although it suffered a lot of changes since then, it still remains with its colonial buildings surrounding it, such as the: Cathedral, the Palace of the General Captains, the City Hall Palace, and the Trade Hall. A beautiful fountain with stone mermaids also decorates the middle of the plaza, and is located at the center of the buildings named above. This fountain provides a unique colonial environment, combined with the natural branches of the trees that surround it.

The first fountain placed in the middle of the park was "La Gomera Fountain", placed during the water introduction in 1555 and installed during 1667. The second one, "The Mermaids Fountain" made by the architect of the city, Diego de Porres, was installed between the years of 1737 and 1738, and is the fountain that you can still observe now days.

The central Plaza traditionally has been the ideal place for the indigenous handicrafts trade (even when la Antigua Guatemala has its own specific building for the trade of these kind of products). Also several private stores to buy these items, and a market located inside the Jesuit monument (transferred there since 1912). Above all this, you can still see indigenous salespersons offering handmade articles of great folklore and beauty.

Its exquisite gardening is combined with some benches and small trails. With no question about it, the Central Plaza is the meeting point for thousands of people from different cultures and countries. In the plaza a lot of cultural, entertaining and folkloric activities are held frequently."

Antigua Guatemala: Iglesia Compañía de Jesús